Custom Pet Portraits Price Change


Go Gray Artwork has been established for just over one year and it has developed considerably. Since its inception, Go Gray Artwork has received an outpouring of support, encouragement and admiration that has left me in awe. I was and continue to be truly overwhelmed and humbled by the reception.

A few months into its creation, I decided to begin donating a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters, rescues and organizations in an effort to aid in their noble efforts and bring awareness to GGA’s small client base. October 2015 was the first month that we raised funds. I sold six custom pet portraits in 31 days. Three months later, in January 2016, over sixty custom portraits sold in one month.

As the success of Go Gray Artwork grows, I’ve had the opportunity to assess the risks and benefits of a creative home-based business. And in doing so, I have decided to adjust my custom artwork prices to reflect the time spent creating each piece, from the actual painting itself to the timely correspondence I maintain with individual clients throughout the process.

The increase is also being implemented to help defray the hidden costs of fees, supplies and taxes. It’s being made so that I can continue to donate portions of my proceeds to well-deserving animal welfare organizations. And it’s being made after carefully considering the cost of similar artwork, to maintain a competitive, but sustainable price point.

I love painting – especially pets – and am honored to be able to apply that creative talent to helping homeless animals. It’s something that I hope to be able to continue for as long as possible. While the change in price is being made at the risk of losing a few sales, it’s also being made with the stability and longevity of Go Gray Artwork in mind.

The new prices will take effect September 1, 2016. Each custom portrait will increase by 10 dollars:

5×7” will now be $30

8×10” will now be $50

9×12” will now be $55

The donation amount will continue to be 15 percent of the total proceeds from each regular-priced sale. The fee for an additional pet in either an 8×10” or 9×12” portrait will remain the same at 10 dollars. Shipping costs will continue to be determined by the USPS.

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