If you search for PET PORTRAIT on Etsy, over 75% of your results are going to be digital art. Many of them are just taking your pet photo and manipulating it in photo editing software to make it look like it was painted.

Maybe that’s the keepsake you’re looking for, but if not, it feels deceptive.

Our pet portraits are created individually, on paper, by hand, with actual paint! There’s no Photoshop involved.

All of our pet portraits are original paintings. They are created using high quality, 300-lb., cotton paper that was engineered for use with watercolor paint and can withstand multiple washes of water without warping.

Each painting is based on a photo of a pet provided by you. If you aren’t sure which photo you want to use, simply reach out and we’ll help you decide! The background colors are your choice, though we’re always happy to provide input.

Each paper is cut down to size from extra large sheets. The individual page is taped to our desk using a special art tape that will hold the paper flat during the process.

Paintings start with a simple pencil sketch. Then we outline the drawing with a permanent black ink. After the ink outline, we paint using a mix of professional watercolors including Windsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, and more.

Once the painting is completely dry, we scan it and send you a photo. Then the painting is sealed in a plastic sleeve, packaged in a rigid envelope, and shipped via USPS.

The whole process can take a full day.

*Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.