Investment Information

I believer that art should be affordable and available to everyone. Because of this, I keep my price point very low. This is the case for both custom portraits and ready-to-ship paintings, some of which are less than $25 in my Etsy shop.

Purchasing a custom portrait may also help a homeless pet. Read about how part of your purchase is donated to shelters and rescues HERE.

Shipping costs range from $6.45 to $10 for one or two paintings. We’re happy to calculate the cost for you, or you can use the post office’s PRICE LIST and refer to page 3 — Priority Mail. We are located in postal zone 1 and you can verify your postal zone on the map below.

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Shipping Policies:

Double check your mailing address on PayPal or Etsy.

Go Gray Artwork ships within the continental U.S. only.

Paintings ship via the USPS from Bristol, Connecticut. Your painting will be slipped inside of a cellophane sleeve and closed in a document mailer envelope. We take precautions when mailing artwork to deter bending, but we cannot guarantee that the envelope won’t be bent in a haywire mail-sorting machine or mishandled by a mail carrier.†


Shipping success rate is 100% right now, so the odds are in your favor.*

†You can upgrade your shipping option to have your portrait enclosed in a 14 x 10 x 2″ box to ensure that it won’t be bent. Make sure that you request an upgrade before paying for your painting.

*Once the painting has left my hands and is in the custody of the U.S. Postal Service, we have no control. And bear in mind that we offer no refunds due to shipping issues because of mishandling or incorrect mailing addresses.