Meet the Pack

Go Gray Artwork is not a one-man operation. It’s not even a one-woman operation, despite the majority of the content on this site being delivered in the first-person point of view. I’m not alone. I have a whole crew working with me and I’d like to introduce them to you.

I’m happy to introduce:

Babe – The lap-warmer and nap-taker of this team. She’s had a tenured position with Go Gray since its creation and is now a senior member of staff.

Ivan – In between shifts at the hospital, Dr. Husband manages the team’s coffee runs (Babe is especially picky about her lattés). He’s also my second pair of eyes for picking up missing details and occasionally drops shipments at the post office.

Banjo – As the newest member of our team, Banjo doesn’t have a lot of responsibilities. But her main roles as morale-booster and energy-creator are being executed perfectly on a daily basis.